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9August 2021

B.Com, M.Com, Ph.D., is Founder & Director of Acupressure / Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine Institute After completing the Post Graduation he works for a Thesis in Acupressure & Alternative Medicine Therapies. He has done a Ph.D. in the field of Alternative Medicine and received it from MEDICINA ALTERNATIVE INSTITUTE (Affiliated to THE OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINES). He founded this institute in 1995. After that, he laid the foundation of good quality research, teaching & training in alternative medicine continuously. His mission is to make Alternative medicine more advanced so that it can be reachable to each and every person. In this process, he has started developing digital lectures and software. He has written many books in the field of Acupressure & Alternative Medicine Therapies (available on websites) and developed many Charts for Easy Understanding. And we all are thankful to him for these contributions.