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ACS Acupressure Mat IV - 2000 Best

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'Stand on ACS Mat' Start spot walking on it by lifting your feet one by one slowly 

'Use daily in morning for a whole day tone up' For relaxation and pain control

ACS Mat can be used at any time ´Duration about 3 to 5 minutes twice a day  For tender skin, a thin cloth can be placed between feet and the mat´

This is complimentary to usual medical care ´If symptoms persist consult your physician'.

Ideal for ´ House Wives ´ Office Executives ´ Old Persons ´ Students ´ Sports People. It is good for morning exercise and relaxation

TOP - SELLING PAIN RELIEVER: It is a new computerized design with an energy center, pyramid yantra orbit, and innovative new foot shape design to cover all important pressure points. Warm-up your body by jogging for three to five minutes daily.

INDICATION: Morning freshness with total health. Also gives relief in sciatica, leg pain, cramps, heel pain, knee pain, piles, migraine, sinus, insomnia. Specially raised part: For constipation, gastric, acidity, diabetes, indigestion & renal problems. It consists of 22 bio magnets, an energy ball, micro points charger. Very compact, effective, attractive shape & unbreakable.

Energy ball

This specific single point charger is an ideal tool specially added to ACS Acupressure Mat 2000. It helps in charging the specific and individual tender points. For better result select the point from acupressure chart given behind and press it by placing your feet on energy ball.

Pyramid Yantra Orbit

According to the ancient wisdom of Pyramid and Yantra, the step power orbit generates extra energy in Energy Ball. Also the height of each Pyramid is perfectly adjusted to match and charge the foot curve, which is related to gastric problem, acidity and constipation as well as lower back problem.

Perfect & Durable

ACS Acupressure Mat 2000 is made up from very tough, long lasting, virgin material to avoid back supporting board which is disturbing factor for energy flow (see UAG System). Additional care has been taken while designing ACS Mat 2000 so that no iron screws and nail used which disturb cosmic and magnetic vibrations

Micro Point Charger

This unique feature is purposefully added in ACS Mat 2000 to charge all tender, essential and closely situated micro points of toe and tips, which are connected to brain activity and head. It is also valuable in treatment of Migraine, sinus, Tonsils, Depression and Allergy as well as improve Immunity, Balancing Hormones.

Radial Rings

ACS Mat 2000 is the only mat in India with these extra "Radial Rings" to energies selected vital organs or vital points, eg. pressing the heel points on Radial Rings can be valuable in treatment of Sciatica, Leg Pain, Cramps, Heel pain and Knee pain as well as Reproductive organ disorders.

24 Bio Magnets

ACS Mat 2000 has in-built, high power, computer placed 24 bio magnets. Magnets improve the metabolic activity of each cell, which enrich the oxygen level and blood circulation.

UAG System

UAG (Unique Air Grid) System is made under each pyramid of ACS Mat 2000 for better Cosmic Vibratory Resonance, i.e. no energy blocking material like wood or plastic plate below the mat.

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