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Electro Multi Stimulator 5 Channel Physiotherapy

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DESCRIPTION : Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulator incorporates sophisticated technology to deliver controlled low voltage electrical impulses to the stimulator sensory nerve corresponding to all organs and parts of the body for health, fitness and beauty. Very much useful for body shaping, toning, strengthening muscle, relaxation, pain management, energizing organs and blood circulation management. The  Acupressure Stimulator  is a miracle of modern Science based on ancient acupunture system and a supplimentary to modern medicines. This modern electronic health care instrument is an outcome of long research and based on advanced technology of 21st century. The common disease which have been prescribed in this book can actually be healed except for few which can be kept under control. It is known fact that doctors all over the world, which includes psychiatrists and physiotherapists are using pulse and electric shock through TENS (Transcutaneous Electro Nerve Stimulator) Device for curing numerous acute diseases and the Acupressure Stimulator  ensures smooth comfortable electronic waves for healing ailments.

Acupressure Stimulator IS A SELF-HELP  ELECTRONIC HEALTH CARE UNIT HAVING NO SIDE EFFECTS ON HUMAN BODY AND CAN BE USED PERSONALLY WITHOUT THE HELP OF ANY SPECIALIST. The positive (Yang+) and the negative (Yin-) energy which flows constantly inside our body provides us the power to fight with diseases. Any disbalance of these two energies may cause adverse effect in our self immune system. The acupuncture system of treatment by Acupressure Stimulator brings equality and balance to both these energies and helps our body to regain strength and fitness. Acupressure Stimulator is a modern theory of the traditional system without the use of needles the world health organisation (W.H.O.) and other renowned medical intitutions and practitioners of all the streams has certified the system and acknowledged successful results.

          Acupressure Stimulator can be used by both males and females above the age of six years having average health conditions but it is better to consult your doctor or  health department before using to minors below age of 16 years. The electronic impulses on various points of the body may differ as per sensitivity of the person. This can be regulated by operating the knob of the Acupressure Stimulator. Please note that  while using the Acupressure Stimulator certain feelings like tingling, heaviness, Slight swelling, soreness or slight pain may occur These Sensations are good signs because it indicates that the is rightly applied  and healing effect has started. Acupressure Stimulator being light, portable, handy it allows you to treat your pain any time, any where. Its like having a clinic in your home.

          Acupressure Stimulator incorporates sophasticated technology to deliver controlled electrical impulses to the stimulator sensory nerve fibers of painful area to help and treat Pain. Acupressure Stimulator uses interferential frequency which penetrates deeply into tough body tissues. It activates Lipolisis and stimulates the tough muscle fibers and activates the nature's own mechanism for pain relief, by releasing harmonic natural chemicals like Endorphins and Enkephalins. Acupressure Stimulator  must not be used without proper medical guidance under certain conditions like :-  during pregnancy, having nervous problems :  with pace maker or orthopaedic appliances : having cronical illness or anaemia :  weak health: after consuming liquor: having too full or empty stomach: if too much tensed: tired or emotionally upset:  with haemorrhagic disorders :  with cancer : with suspected or diagnosed epilepsy :  with menstruation over menstruating uterus :  over swollen: infected or inflammed areas or skin eruptions. Before using the it is better to get yourself thoroughly checked by a doctor for confirmation of your general health conditions and the actual disease which needs to be treated so that you can apply correctly as guided in this manual.

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