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The T.N.S. (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator) is a marvelous and efficient medical treatment, which has been popularised all over the world for many years and is widely prevailed to day, with amazing s

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The T.N.S. (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator) is a marvelous and efficient medical treatment, which has been popularised all over the world for many years and is widely prevailed to day, with amazing success by reputed physicians all over the world.

The Stimulator Electro impulse (E.I.) can used both as TNS and Trigger Points stimulation.

The points shown for treatment are ACU points, which are also suitable for T.N.S., Trigger and Ear Points stimulation. When ACU needles are inserted these points, Needles are connected to the machines with the ACU stimulator cord provided but over these points when electrodes covered with gel, taped and then attached to the machine and stimulated, they will work properly as Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator (Special cord provided for Trigger Points stimulation).

The Points shown for TNS treatment are collected from various text books of pain and from are authentic ACU texts. These are grouped as per author long practical experience. Some times these may require a change of points due to various factors of resistance etc, the user may then consult various text books on the subject.


The design of the Stimulator (E.I.) Electro Pain Killer is based upon the latest knowledge and experience within the field of pain relief and muscle rehabilitation. (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator) generate pulses and are specially suitable for TNS treatment. Normally pain relief occurs after a treatment period of few minutes. The Stimulator/E.I. is easy and simple to operate, even by unskilled person/persons.

The Stimulator/E.I. consists of two galvanic independent and separate channels. Each channel is individual intensity controlled.

The power source of this instrument is an A.C., adaptor of 6/9 Volt or four pencil Battery. Which can last for more then 6 months by daily use of 5-10 minutes. No danger of Electric shock convenient, handy and easy to use at any time and at any place, no pain is felt during application.

How to Use: –

Apply the conductive electrode equally matched on both sides of the body to the Tender spot or point marked. Adjusting the intensity. The electrodes should be flat contact to the skin must be maintained.

When the Electrodes come in contact with the exact tender spot / area, you will feel comfortable continuous jerks of the nerves and muscles which assure you of the effectiveness of this instrument working.

Apply the instrument for 10-20 minutes treatment 2 to 3 times a day.

After four days use of TNS you will feel the improvement.


1.   This instrument should not be used with other electronic medical instrument at the same time.

2.   To those who are using heart pace maker, hearing aid and the application of this instrument is prohibited.

3.   This instrument better if avoided on pregnant woman.


*Head, Neck, Shoulder lumber, Wrist, Knee and Foot Continuous and adequate pain relief *Massage to relax the muscle ache. *Improving local blood circulation, *Activating the peripheral nervous system. *No side effect. *Small and simple. *Easy to use *Economical and safe.


*Home Use. *Professional Use. *Health Club. *Obesity centres. *Beauty parlours. *Body Clinics.


(1) Chronic musculo skeletal pain. (2) Peripheral Nerve injury. (3) Arthritis. (4) Carcinoma Pain.      (5) Post herpetic neuralgia.  (6) Sciatica. (7) Ch, Pancreatitic Pain. (8) Acute pain of: – Strains, Sprains, Fractures and Incisional Pain.


(1) Paychopgenic Pain.             (2) Pain of Central origin.              (3) Severe neuralgias.


50% increases in pain relief, 50% increase in function and 50% decrease in pain medication.

***  In TNS usually alternating current (AC) is used. It has 2 phases.

1.   Dominant Phase: – The current flows from the Negative Phase to positive phase.

2.   Balancing Phase: Current flows from positive to the Negative electrode.

*Non-disposable electrodes are made of carbonized silicon rubber.

*Gel must be applied over the whole of electrodes including border.


Stimulation Modes   :    Galvanic

Frequencies             :    80-1500 per Min.

Pulse wave form      :    Biphasic.

Power supply           :    6/9 Volt Adaptor/four pencil Battery


1.   Over the area of pain (Usually Trigger Point).

2.   Within dermatomes where pain is located

3.   Over superficial peripheral nerves.

4.   Acupuncture points.

5.   Motor points (Where nerve enters the muscle).


At least two of the above exists at the same location.


Electrodes are placed over on or surrounding area of pain. The sites often lie within a dermatome of over a peripheral Nerve. The positive and negative electrodes can be placed ipsilaterally or in criss cross fashion in Para vertebral pain.


Electrodes are placed parallel to the incision within 1-6 Cun of it, crossing over the incision or criss crossing it.


Electrodes are placed on the area of pain going proximally along the dermatome to the spinal column.


Distal leg and foot  :    Electrodes placed over common peroneal nerve as it cross just below the

replacement                 head of fibula.

Facial pains            :    Electrodes placed over Supra orbital and infra orbital nerve.

Headache               :    Electrodes placed unilaterally over Supra orbital and superior occipital nerve

Nerve injury            :    Electrodes placed proximal to nerve injury.

ACUPUNCTURE POINTS AND MOTOR POINTS:-  Electrodes placed over it.

Other areas for electrode placement: –

a)   Bilateral stimulation is extremely beneficial, even if it is for unilateral pain.

b)   If electrode can not be put over the painful site, contra lateral electrode placement is essential

Avoid the areas for placing electrodes: –

(a) In sensitive areas.  (b)   Hyper aesthesia  (c)  Bony prominence.  (d) Hair covered areas.


Most frequently used, it has a wide range of effectiveness for acute and chronic pain. It has high Rate (>10 PPS, usually 80-100 PPS) and low width (<100 Sec) Amplitude – Comfortable for patient.


The electrode placement should produce a tingling sensation through out most of the pain distribution.

High Width, Low rate (Acupuncture like) TNS mode: –

Very effective for deep, aching chronic pain, High width with low rate (less than<10PPS, usually 2-4 PPS) Amplitude is adjusted to the point where muscle contraction is seen.




500 Gm


22*13*5 Cm